Be Still, My Soul

There are times we all go through when the days of life are as dark as night with stormy clouds hovering above. You know within that there is light above those menacing clouds, but you just can’t see the light with your eyes. There is a deep longing within you to see those clouds disappear. There is a hope that you’ll soon bathe in light but.. when..? Each passing day is another mighty wave thundering on the sides of the ship called Faith that you’re sailing on.

Though we may never fully understand why God chooses to let us traverse such days, we can trust that He will never leave us to face them alone. In the days that followed my mother’s passing, those clouds that hovered above my head were darker than ever before. But even in those darkest of times, His footsteps were ever present beside me. He provided comfort.. the extent of which I could not believe was possible.

One of the ways He reached out to comfort me.. to make His presence known, was through music. In particular from a certain YouTube channel named TheNCrew EliEli. One of their videos that deeply touched my troubled soul was Stephen Nasby’s version of the hymn ‘Be Still My Soul’. And that is what I wish to share with you today.

If you’re going through days where the clouds are dark and the wind and the waves are just too strong for you to bear, remember to tell yourself:

Be still, my soul;
The waves and winds still know
His voice who ruled them
While He dwelt below.


13 thoughts on “Be Still, My Soul

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  1. This was absolutely beautiful. Thank you. Been struggling with the loss of a special friend, and our church’s senior pastor the last few weeks, also bringing up pain from my husband’s passing almost 9 years ago. Thank you for this post. I look forward to reading more of your writings. God bless.

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  2. Ramos, thank you for sharing this. Just passing through another storm, we posted recently After the Storm ~ Peace.
    I like your thought of the ship called Faith. Have a blessed day in the Lord, our blessed Ark that carries us through any storm.


    1. Thanks for your comment. Always encouraging to hear that your work reaches people.. as did yours 😊 I was inspired to write this after reading that very post. Hope and pray that your sunshine days return sooner. You have a blessed day too, Frances….

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    1. Tis a wonderful thing that by His grace we can trust that no matter where we are in life, our lives are where He intended for us to be 😊 I pray that your troubles will come to an end very soon. You’re most welcome.. I only shared what I received. Thank you, Lisa….


  3. Ramos, this post is beautiful and so encouraging 😊 You are so amazing! I know your mom is so proud of you, and she’s always with you. Sending you a huge hug and so much love!!!

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